currents prepSetting up for opening on Friday, June 13th. Install turns out to be complicated by the fact that we purchased local bricks for the frame – and the best ones were different dimensions than the ones we left in Minnesota.  This changed the shape of the rectangle, which meant scaling the masking, which meant scaling the image placeholders, etc.. A nightmare really.

But better than burning all that fuel climbing from St. Paul (elevation 702 ft)


Upload Your Skin

We are now accepting images of skin to be included in the next iteration of the SleepCycle piece. We’re looking for skin as wide of a range of skin tones and textures as we can collect. We’d like images of skin textures only, without trace of what part of the body it comes from. Scars and tattoos especially wanted.


File formats accepted: .jpg

File size maximum: 10MB

Max files per User: 3

You’ll have to register to the site to upload images. But it’s easy and fast, and we won’t send you anything!

SleepCycle Version 1.0 Up

skinpillowsSleepCycle Version 1.0 is running (from January 3, 2014 until January 19,2014) at the 410 Project, 523 South Front St., Mankato, MN.

SleepCycle is a collaboration between myself and Mika Laidlaw. Seven slip-cast porcelain pillow sleep in the center of the floor on a bed of sparkling black sand. Each pillow’s skin texture slowly progress from youth to age.

Quietness is punctuated by occasional dreams that overtake one of the pillows. If there is no movement in the gallery for a few seconds, the whole set moves into a unified dream state, displaying pieces of an larger image.


Site Changes

space availableWe’re changing the site over to a new format to allow users to participate in creating installation works.  Visitors to the exhibition will be given instructions on how to upload images.