Angerstone, Single Channel Video,5:37 2006

AngerStone explores the illusion of motion at the heart of all moving imagery and draws a connection to the ‘animation’ of internal imagery in the subconscious. This film was inspired by a poem from Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer (“Stones”).

This piece manifested itself while I was working on the animation for a separate project. The repetitive slow motion of producing animation turned an ordinary moving image into a hypnotic mantra asking an insistent question. I collaborated with composer Jon Christopher Nelson to reshape this animation into a response.y.

  • Animation: Dave Ryan
  • Sound: Jon Christopher Nelson
Currents 2010, Sante Fe, NM, June 2010
Elektramusic “Le Bruit De La Neige”, Annency, France, April 2009
Simultania “Videomusiques ElectroAC”, Strasbourg, France, June 2008
Festival Acusmático y Multimedia, “Sonoimagenes”, Buenos Aires, August 2007
SEAMUS National Conference, Iowa State University, March 2007