Vyome, 13' x 4' x 3', 2019

52 leaf shapes lie dormant on a dark table. When users touch the leaves, they come alive and bloom with a colorful image unique to each kind of leaf. As users continue touching a leaf, its imagery begins to spread to the leaf’s immediate neighbors. Some kinds of images spread slowly, others more quickly, almost like invasive species. Players can join forces to determine the overall outcome.

In the making of Vyome, we wanted to explore the connective and competitive forces at play when natural habitats come in contact with the human world. This piece celebrates the wild diversity of the natural world, the forces that propel species to spread, and the forces that bind them together. The hope is that by playing with power and influence in this exhibit, you will recognize the beauty and complexity of balance in a connected world.

  • Sculpture: Dave & Steve Ryan
  • Projection Programming: Dave Ryan
  • Sensor Design & Programming: Steve Ryan
  • Electronics: Steve Ryan
MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation,
Santa Barbara, CA, 5/25/19 - 08/18/19