Floodplain, 6’ x 4’ x20", 2018

27 books lay open on a low table, users are invited to touch the books or turn pages to influence the network in different ways. As they persist, imagery unique to each book spreads through the network. Page turns trigger spark imagery that flies quickly through entire network.

FloodPlain is about the propagation of ideas in a networked world, for good and ill. We’re interested in how ideas propagate both inward within the imagination, as with the mind’s ability to connect and relate disparate thoughts and images, and outward to a social world of competing epistemologies.

The goal of FloodPlain is to create an experience that draws users in to play with books as metaphors for ideas and by serving as agents of propagation, to reflect on the forces driving public thought in a networked world.

  • Sculpture: Dave & Steve Ryan
  • Projection Programming: Dave Ryan
  • Sensor Design & Programming: Steve Ryan
  • Electronics: Steve Ryan
Currents New Media Festival,
Santa Fe, NM, 6/7/19 - 06/23/19

Obscure Origins, Carnegie Art Center,
Mankato, MN, 10/11/18 - 10/27/18