Rarefaction, Single Channel Video,9:10 1997

Rarefaction follows an immigrant woman waking, profoundly disoriented from a dream weave of languages. It mixes images and sounds from faraway places once called home and nearby places that don’t yet have names.

Rarefaction is the result of a collision between two separate pieces: an abandoned project about turnpike billboards that had lost their meaning to the pure velocity of passers-by, and footage gathered for a project about the empty orchestration of the Tokyo transit system. These came together when I was awoken one night by my wife’s somnambulant japanese - the leap of language out of kilter with the place, a sudden disjunction of a transient here and intangible there. By bringing these pieces together, I wanted to expand on the immigrant experience of disorientation to see what light it would throw on our culture of transience.

  • Video: Dave Ryan
  • Narration:Yumiko Oshima Ryan
  • Music:Kazue Sawai
“The American Century”, Whitney Museum of American Art, February 2000
Whitney Museum Exhibition in Basel, Switzerland, June 1999
Screening,Binghamton University, April 1999
In Video Mostra Internazionale del Video d’Arte de Ricerca, Milan, Italy, 1999. Locarno Video Art Festival, 2nd Prize, Locarno, Switzerland, Aug. 1998. Landscape: Mediated Views, Visual Studies Workshop, Nov. 1997. Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA, Aug 1997.